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2. GIVE UP STRESS - Cindy Galvin
3. CLEAR FOR CLARITY - Nancy Cramer

Hypnotic Writing

John La Valle

With a number of requests for information on hypnotic writing, I thought it a good idea to get started here and knowing there are other resources available I started wondering what it could be about writing hypnotically that so many people are thinking it is such an elusive subject. Then I realized that perhaps it's not the hypnotic writing as a technique that is elusive, but peoples' ability to recognize "how" hypnotic they can be with a purpose in mind and it's the purity of that purpose that perhaps is more elusive for some than for others because it's not the laying down of the ideas that's important, it's the foreplay of thought that determines the readiness of the pursuer to play in just the right way the reader relaxes excitedly anticipating then enjoying the pursuit so that both are satisfied through the consummation of the whole experience.

I remember my first time . . . being absorbed into a story about something that intrigued me enormously, even though the actual topic is irrelevant at the moment because it started quite innocently as I first read with deep curiosity and anticipation, even during the opening paragraphs of what I was reading, while I was more and more consumed into what it was I hadn't yet known, and wanted to because the story wasn't just about the story as much as it was about desire: wanting to draw me into an experience in my mind that was as real as could be inside in such a way that whatever was on the outside didn't matter as much anymore and perhaps even at all because my attention focused inside on the experience that was unfolding.

Experiencing stories so vividly, like the ones told by great story tellers, the ones that spark every sensory receptor triggering connections in each cortex, from clean bright images to crystal clear sounds, tingling sensations from the surface of your skin to the deepest fiber of your bones, is what creates ideas so profound that they blur the differences between what is reality and what is hallucination, and since it can be very difficult to distinguish these difference means you can build realities around how well you can conversationally and naturally weave the fabric that will be present inside your mind with any subject you want and propagate that to others.

The subject of language, specifically the Meta/Milton Model patterns in some of the earlier NLP books, has been the subject of much illusion, and even taboo, that escapes people from time to time because most are trying to make a distinction between the models when, in fact, they go hand in hand and are used by everyone each and every day in intercourse together so seamlessly that the purposeful use of language hypnotically seems elusive when it is right there at the tip of your tongue anyway. It's what's done "on purpose" that conveys our ideas so elegantly and easily predicates them amongst others. I've been attracted to many ideas throughout my life and yet none so strong as how well we can trance mit our thoughts to one another and still another. Hypnotically or not, the elegance of communication is that it is hypnotic naturally, and the only questions to consider are: how hypnotic can we be as we move naturally from altered state to altered state because as the definition of hypnosis is being induced to moving from one state to another state, and the definition of altered means from one to another as in the choice between two, we can only move from one state to another and to another and to another and so the mere simple way to write hypnotically is to go into the states you want your readers to enter easily and describe your experience to them, or what you want them to experience, keeping in mind that the words are not the experience, the experience is the experience and they are induced to participate.

With a full range of choices in language possible as a prerequisite to precise hypnotic communication, there are then the considerable variables between inducing and seducing before introducing your chosen message, or massage of your ideas, because the range between inducing and seducing is not as wide open as it seems by definition and yet can be that deep experience that waltzes smoothly as you tickle your readers in just the right places at just the times to get just the right responses, knowing the risk and yet daring to be playful as if to get caught, but not so obvious that the intercourse is interrupted but continues elegantly for as long as you want before coming to the conclusion you want your readers to come to.

Writing as you may speak is one sure way to learn to write in such a way that you can take your readers from one sate to another while releasing your ideas explosively inside . . . their minds.

And with as many states as is possible, and as many ideas as is possible, from selling you own products or services, to just writing stories to entice them before intertwining them into whatever your message is, I'm wondering how you may have been so hypnotically persuasive in other times and in other places than you thought you could be, and yet are without even knowing it.

©2018 John La Valle

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Give Up Stress

by Cindy Galvin

I have found one of the easier ways to introduce change work to the finance and trading executives I work with is to use the NLP Swish Pattern.

These clients often want relief from stress or help with removing mental blocks impairing their performance. And they want to see change happen now!

A recent client, the interim CEO of a global company, came to see me because he was under pressure from the board to demonstrate continued leadership and business development skills while waiting for the current CEO to retire. He was feeling lost in the role and unable to make decisions efficiently. And he'd become increasingly fearful the board would replace him. He wasn't consciously deciding to act this way, so we needed to identify the trigger for this behaviour.

I asked him to teach me how he avoided making decisions and to describe how that felt and what it looked like.

I never cease to be amazed at the brain's creativity in designing pictures that scare us from doing the things we want to do or that will make life easier, and this client was no exception. The picture was large, close to his face, filled with color and moving. He saw himself sitting at the head of a table with Board members looking angry and impatient, and he was smaller in size relative to them.

When he imagined presenting the reasons supporting a decision he'd made, he saw the papers in front of him blank and he couldn't remember what to say. His internal dialogue was telling him what a failure he was.

After breaking state and getting to him to laugh about the great job he was doing scaring himself, I asked him what he wanted to see instead and to put that in a small frame further away from him. We did the Swish Pattern, enhanced the sub-modalities of the new scene, spun the feelings and anchored them.

We broke state and I repeated the pattern several times to embed the change. I then asked him to recall the old scene and he laughed. Job done!

The Swish Pattern is an easy and effective way to bring change to busy and demanding clients who expect results now. My client regained his confidence and the ability to take charge his role, and succession seems secure.

©2018 Cindy Galvin

Cindy is a consultant and leadership coach working with executives to achieve success faster. Her web site is: or email her at:
She has just had a book released: 'More to Give: Stepping Into Your New Life at Any Age' that will launch September 18! (Pre-orders are available on Amazon now.)

Her book is targeted to people aged 50 and older who have reached a crossroads in their business career and feel drawn toward doing something different but don't know what that is or fear they'r too old to start again. Sound familiar?

The book describes her process in starting over and her work with clients to help them gain clarity on what they want to do and then instill them with the tools to achieve it. Check it out today!!

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Clear for Clarity

By Nancy Cramer

An important and overlooked aspect of managing emotional state is managing the environment. Clearing clutter is a simple intervention that has profound results. If our space is cluttered, so is our mind. This causes subconscious stress that clouds our thinking.

To clear clutter, it's important to recognize the difference between true treasures and 'just stuff', to become a dedicated collector of treasures, and get rid of the 'just stuff'.

My grandmother was a hoarder worse than anything you have seen on television. Given that she had outlived all of her contemporaries, her house was stacked from floor to ceiling with five generations of stuff that she had hauled over from the houses of dead relatives. Once she died, it took us (about ten of us) four months to get ready for twelve days of garage sales. After which, we still had five 10x20 storage units full of stuff. Another year, and thousands of dollars went by before those units were finally swept clean. Each of us kept a few valuable items, a lumber receipt from 1844, a cranberry glass biscuit barrel, my great-grandmother's wedding corset (Wow! Eighteen-inch waists were really a thing!), and let the rest go.

This taught me some valuable lessons on how to clear out the clutter to make space for clarity.

First, don't keep things long enough that they become a relic. In ancient times, people would preserve items owned by saints and leaders believing that these items held the power of the person who had owned it. We all have things lingering in the back of a drawer or closet that, if kept long enough, gain sentimental value. Best to let them go early. Unless you or someone you have known is due for some sort of future canonization, saving the small stuff is not necessary.

If looking at something makes you sad, get it out of sight or get rid of it.
I was working with a client who could not get much done. We discovered that one of his problems was that his office was decorated in, what I call, "The Dead Relative Genre." Pictures on the walls and decorative items were all from past generations who had since died. While it is lovely to have things that remind you of your loved ones, having them in your line of sight regularly can cause your unconscious to focus unnecessarily on feelings of loss. When we narrowed down my client's collection to just the treasures that inspired him and put the remaining things away, he could literally put the past behind him and focus on the future.

To help you get rid of something, repeat this as often as necessary, "Get rid of it. Get rid of it. Get rid of it."

The next lesson learned: there is a difference between a collector and an accumulator. A collector keeps items in pristine condition, cataloging, displaying, and storing them in a way that preserves the treasures for posterity. Useful items are stored so that they can be accessed when needed. The provenance of an heirloom is recorded so that future generations will know the story behind the piece. Who owned it? Why was it kept? What impact did the owner have? What was special about the item? A treasure is a treasure because it is well preserved, with a meaning and a story attached to it. Otherwise, it's just stuff.

An accumulator, on the other hand, gets treasures and hides them under the stuff, stacking up stuff over other stuff, turning treasures into stuff. An accumulator (aka. hoarder) allows mold, dust, and rust to build up and decay the stuff. With a hoarder in charge, there is no story for the would-be treasure, usually because there is so much stuff that no one can find the time, let alone a place to sit, so they can hold the item and hear the story, and see the point of preserving it. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

In my grandmother's things, we found christening rings and military medals without any story attached to it. Was it our father's christening ring or one she bought at a garage sale? Was that a military medal from a distinguished relative or something someone won in a poker game? In the estate sale, photos of ancestors with no names or dates were sold off next to the faded copies of the Morning News and Harper's Bazaar. These items, without their story, had little to no value.

Accumulators spread their habits to their work environment. One of my clients was literally stepping over stacks of paper to get to her desk. She had copies of emails from 1996 stuffed into manila folders stacked next to the badges of all the conferences she had attended since 1982. She constantly made new spreadsheets to refresh her memory about the old spreadsheets that she forgot she had already made.

Within all this trash were a few key items that needed to be preserved. However, these precious pieces were withering away in the back of a file cabinet that ran the risk of being tossed completely once the principal was out of the office. The millennial interns were astonished that emails older than they were had been printed, filed, and stored. The college students had not printed off assignments since High School. The only piece of paper they expected to keep from college was their diploma. In this client's office, a great deal of time, attention, and money went to shifting the stuff so someone could sit down…and build another spreadsheet.

To collect, one must curate. If you do not have time or talent to organize a collection, then let it go. Unless you are a reporter, attorney, historian, or awaiting a subpoena, there is very little call to keep files. Get rid of it.

Clearing your environment of unnecessary distractions, frees your mind and opens you to future possibilities you didn't know you had.

©2018 Nancy Cramer

As a leadership consultant, Nancy works with seasoned and emerging leaders to help them control their emotions, so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and go after bigger, bolder projects.

Nancy works with individuals and teams.
She does full-day, in-person workshops on: Leadership, Sales, and Customer Service using the latest in neuroscience and linguistics.
Follow-on coaching with key team members to fast-track their skills and results, impacting the entire team.

Nancy is also a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® and conducts NLP Practitioner training. Attend one of Nancy's public seminars in Dallas or have her customize for your team.

Check out her website now! Or contact Nancy at

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