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2. FORGETTING NAMES? - Nancy Cramer
3. JUST DO IT - Juan Antonio Pèrez


John La Valle

Some discussions in a program I have been running have been centered around how much to charge for services, whether consulting, or others. This is not necessarily the place to start, as I discovered through the School of Hard Knocks, thankfully many, many years ago.

Back in the first days of my opening my consulting business, I had the opportunity to be introduced to the Vice President of a large company here in the US, who also happened to be interested in what I do with teambuilding, managing performance, etc. Anyway, as I was leaving my house for the appointment, Kathleen asked me how much I was going to charge him and I replied, "I don't know." She said, "Come back in here and close the door." I did, of course, and she said, "You have to have a number in mind, you know," and I knew she was right (as she usually is). So I said, "Yes, dear. My good friend Charlie is a consultant and he gets $600 per day, so I'll charge that." In the mid 80's $600 per day was considered good as the average for charge for a good consultant. She said, "OK, good." And I took off for the appointment.

To make this one a bit short, in my just less than one hour drive, I kept giving myself pay increases in my mind for various reasons and by the time I got to the appointment, I was up to $1,200 per day, and thought, "Wow! That was easy!" I went to the person's office, introduced myself to his secretary and she said, "I'm sorry, he got tied up in a meeting and will be a while. He wants you to wait. I said, "Yes, of course," or something pleasant and immediately thought, "$1,400 a day. I'm not waiting for free!!"

He came around about a half hour later and we went into his office and "chatted" a bit before he asked me what I charged. I said, "$1,500 per day plus expenses." His replied: "That's all?" Well, I moved fast and said, "That's for the first time you hire me because it's like an audition." (I was a musician in another time long ago). As I calibrated him carefully, he asked, "And how much is it after that?" I said, "2,500 per day plus expenses," held my breath, watched as he smiled, let my breath out as he said, "That's better. That's what the really good consultants are charging, anyway." I immediately thought, "Wow, Charlie doesn't know that!"

He hired me for a day, checked me out, paid the $2,500 on a $1,500 invoice and gave me lots of business after that.

So where did I get the $2,500 figure from? Just pulled it out of my head based on what information I had up to that point, including his nonverbal cues.

What type or kind of people do you want as customers? There's a relationship, obviously, between the price, the time span of the project and their expectations based on their perceived value afterward. While this may initially seem complicated, it really isn't. People who are willing to pay more for something are already prequalifying themselves for you regarding the price and what they expect, or not.

When Kathleen and I first started doing public seminars here in New Jersey many years ago, we played with prices for a one day introduction program, a teaser that was well packed with great information, anyway. We priced from $100 for the day all the way down to FREE! That's right: FREE! And here's what we learned:

The more we lowered the price, the more people we got to attend the intro program!! Great, right? But we got less people to sign up for our longer, higher priced seminar, which is why we were conducting the intro's, anyway. And as we got closer to "Free", we started getting questions like, "Are you providing lunch?" and on and on. So we raised the price, got more quality and more qualified people, less attendees in our intro's and more people signing up for the longer, higher priced seminars. And no questions about free lunch. Actually we got more questions like: "Can I take you to lunch?" and "When can I learn more about this?"

Most people who know me know that I "work" about 6 months per year, sometimes a bit more. People want to know why? I really say, "Because I can." But that's predicated on other things I realized when I first started out. The first thing was that I didn't want to work and travel 50 weeks per year as I was, and second, I wanted to qualify my corporate customers so that I'd have quality companies to work with.

So assuming that you have a quality product or service, why shouldn't you charge more? And how to do this?

First, you shift your market appeal from the shoppers to the buyers. Period. Shoppers shop, buyers buy. A store that is full of shoppers with a few buyers, isn't as valuable as a store full of buyers, and just a few shoppers. Shoppers are looking for the "bargains", the "deals". They'll be sure to tell you what so-and-so is charging, as if that matters. Shoppers often don't know what they want and when they do, it's usually then just the price. Buyers often know what they want and want it. Period. They will sort through their "higher quality" expectations, too.

Second, if someone else is charging more, the buyers want to know why. If it satisfies more of their criteria than the lower priced guy, they'll go for the higher priced item.

The next part of the pricing aspect is what you think your services are worth, or what you are worth as a resource commodity. When you think about it, even with so many seminars being priced low, doesn't it raise that question in your head? What does this person really think they are worth? Why would they charge so little? How do they pay their bills? How long will they be able to stay in business? I wonder if they know how many potential customers they may have lost?

I was asked once by a very good friend and mentor the following question during a seminar for consultants when it came to pricing: "What are you worth?" Answers from around the room included, "With what I know, I gotta be worth 2 million a year," "$750,000 with my skills,", etc. etc. Joe, the consultant trainer looked at us and said, "You're worth what you're making." The silence was deafening, the heartbeats, the sighs, the shifting in seats. And he said, "Go to lunch. See you all afterward."

©2018 John La Valle

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Here's an interesting article on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reframing and politics by one of Richard Bandler's ol' friends.

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Forgetting Names?

by Nancy Cramer

Hi There,
I'm sorry, I didn't get your name. My name is Nancy Cramer. What's yours?

This is a question embedded in my sales DNA. Yet, I would still have to ask a second time.
Now, I am a trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have learned more about this whole name thing.

The number one reason people do not remember names is because they have not learned to listen and how to remember. Their external auditory channel gets interference from their eyes, from their feelings, perhaps nervous feelings, and their internal dialog. People often have a conversation going on in their own heads. These channels are working against them. They have to learn to get their eyes, ears, and emotions working for them.

The people who are gifted at remembering names have a specific strategy for doing so. They turn down the volume on their internal dialog. They look the person in the eye and notice something remarkable about their face. As they hear the name and look at the face, they repeat the name to themselves and then out loud. If it's a difficult name, they create a way to remember it.

I was at a global meeting of world-class consultants, coaches, and trainers in Orlando. At the lunch break, we all headed to a local restaurant that serves healthy "rabbit" food. One lovely Indian woman with beautiful auburn hair and vivid jade-green eyes introduced herself. I quieted my internal dialog as she talked and focused my attention on her voice and her face. I thought she said, "Cathy." I repeated it. My new friend politely corrected me, "No. It is Khayti." I had not heard the name before. I repeated it again. It sounded to me like "cat-tea." In my mind, I created a picture of a beautiful auburn cat with jade-green eyes drinking a lovely cup of Indian chai tea. Now, the sounds and the image are embedded in my mind. And, we are good friends, staying in touch over WhatsApp...but that is another story. She appreciated that I took the time to learn and remember her name.

I hope this helps.

Expect Great Things,

©2018 Nancy Cramer

As a Leadership Consultant, Nancy her specialty is working with seasoned and emerging leaders to help them control their emotions, so they can think more clearly, make better decisions, and go after bigger, bolder projects.

Nancy works with individuals and teams.
She does full-day, in-person workshops on: Leadership, Sales, and Customer Service using the latest in neuroscience and linguistics.
Follow-on coaching with key team members to fast-track their skills and results, impacting the entire team.

Nancy is also a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® and conducts NLP Practitioner trainings. Attend one of Nancy's public seminars in Dallas or have her customize for your team.

Check out her website now! Or to discuss further contact Nancy at

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Just Do It

By Juan Antonio Pèrez

The excuse Number One that people normally use to either avoid making their dreams come true or reach something really important, is the following: "I will wait for the proper moment ."

Most of them are waiting to put their life in order before going for their dreams. They wait for everything to become perfect before taking any action. No matter what it could be.

If the idea is to start a business, a new profession, a strong change, to make a very important decision, to finish a bad relationship, to lose weight, improve your health, engage yourself to do something, continue your education, improve your life to enjoy it more, look for more clients, etc… Why do you have so many excuses to leave it for later?

Excuses are a self-deception to avoid going out from your comfort zone. These excuses are so destructive for your ambitions that they can kill your dreams without you realizing it.

Which is the best moment to act? The answer is NOW. There will always be a better moment to act because when you start you have so little or no experience, neither resources nor the skills that you will need in the process and that is why it is irrational that you "wait for the best moment to act. "

I see every day how people use this excuse in my seminars and through the social networks. People like what I do and they are very enthusiastic about coming to my seminars. Many of them asked me, "When do you come to Cabimas or to San Cristobal? When you come I will register!" The answer is: NEVER! If I had waited that my professor and mentor, Dr. Richard Bandler, co creator and creative mind of NLP, had come to Venezuela in order for me to learn NLP, I WOULD PROBABLY BE STILL WAITING...

It is stupid to wait until the things you want come to you; come in the" opportune moment ".

Perfection is nonexistent, what is existent is the way you perfection where you improve yourself every day. If you really want to reach something in a passionate way, you should feel a beautiful obsession after you open your eyes in the morning and that would be the last thought before going to bed. You have to find HOW TO DO the things you want to happen.

Success is rarely a circumstance. Success does not come alone. You have to look for it. Success is a decision. You can build it step by step to reach your dreams.
The solution to make your dreams come true is easy, JUST DO IT!

However, for most people is easier to do nothing.

Avoid that bad habit to postpone where it stops you. In the way, you can adjust and adjust as long as you go forward.

The big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM… are always giving updates for their products. Always! If they had waited until the things were perfect before commercializing a product, they would never have launched it. And of course, their less perfectionist competitors would have devoured them!

Of course, it is attractive to think that you need to wait until knowing "everything" or meet all the proper requirements before getting your feet in the swimming pool and start to swim. The problem is that facing your dreams with this kind of attitude means that you will get stuck in the period of planning and your are not going to achieve anything.

Neither need you to know everything. You only have to know enough to get into the swimming pool without drowning. Nobody knows 100% of all what is needed to know in life. You never really stop learning.

Thus, next time you get surprised saying the words, "I will wait the proper moment for me"…Stop! Take a deep breath and be conscious about those stupid words you just said. Instead of giving excuses, take the necessary measures to take actions now!

©2018 Juan Antonio Pèrez

Juan Antonio Pèrez is a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® in Venezuela and trains in other countries, as well.
You can find him here: and @vivirpnl

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