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2. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?! - Kathleen La Valle


John La Valle

WELL, IF THAT'S TRUE, then why do so many people get into arguments over words? Do you think some people listen better than others? Do you think some people listen to themselves as they speak?

I'M IN AN AIRPORT one day and two men are having a conversation and one asks the other, "So where are you from?" and the other replies, "Cincinnati." So the other asks, "Lived there all your life?" and the other responds, "Not, yet." And I burst out laughing, of course. You can't even get a comedy writer to write better lines.

SO, AS YOU SPEAK, do you listen to what you're saying? I know this seems like just a simple thing. But just stop for a moment . . . say something aloud and listen to it. I mean really listen to the words as they leave your mouth. Listen to them through your ears! Not on the inside, but on the outside. Now, if you can practice this each and every time you speak, and also build in a feedback loop for YOURSELF, you're ahead of many other people. We all make mistakes and sometimes say the wrong thing, but worse, some people don't even know they're doing it. When you can hear and listen to what you're saying you can correct it, massage it, etc. Is it ever too late? NEVER!!

NOW JUST THINK, if you can do that, then use a little time distortion, a little super-sensory perception, you can calibrate the other person word by word as you say something, and watch each and every reaction or response from them. You can also do the same while they speak. You can notice if they are paying attention to what they're saying.

I HAD AN EXPERIENCE a while ago with a rather large computer and peripheral manufacturer who for the time shall remain nameless, but their customer service was so poor, I may just use them as a case study coming up soon . I had emailed their CEO, because they extended the invitation on their website. I got an autoresponder, then another, etc.

Well, I finally called and got through to their office, reached one of their assistants who sounded like they were dead and forgot to get buried. And when she asked me how she could help me, I told her and listed about 6 things and the problems I had been encountering. I clearly went beyond that 7 plus or minus 2 thing. So I stopped, backtracked and just gave her the first one. She asked what I expected her to do about it. So I told her. She told me she couldn't, and asked if I had another suggestion. So I gave her another. She said that that wasn't possible. The delay, the loooooonnnnnnng pauses between my question and her response was sooooooooo long, I could have done an entire seminar between the times.

AS SHE SPOKE, however, it was clear to me that she wasn't listening to what she herself was saying, because if she were, she'd have stopped.
Now, if you think that what you're saying is important, but you're not listening to yourself, then how important is what the other person is saying to you? And are you listening to them, really hearing and listening to what they're saying?


John La Valle

©2019 La Valle, all rights reserved in all media.

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by Kathleen La Valle

IF YOU DON'T LIKE the way things around you are happening, then DO something about it. I know that running a successful business or starting one takes a lot of time and effort.

AND YET, IF YOU HAVE this successful business set up in a community that's in trouble or at the expense of making yourself a stranger to your family, then you have gained nothing.

I AM REMINDED of a client Richard Bandler had told us about who was describing his future success. He described in detail the big house, the boat, the cars, his family enjoying the good life, (never mentioned himself). Richard asked him, "Where are you in this picture?" The fellow was stunned. Richard asked, "Did you work yourself to death and they are living quite well off your insurance policy and the money you made?" (not an exact quote but close enough).

LISTEN TO YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS especially your kids, don't let them drift away. Life is a balance: "Work hard, play harder" is my motto.

FOR MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL results become involved in your community.

I KNOW MANY OF YOU are business owners, sales people, trainers and consultants. Your skills are valuable to schools, hospitals, youth centers and other groups that need help. You can offer a parenting, stress management, job interviewing skills, or negotiating/communications seminars. This does not have to be once a week or once a month, even if you did it just once, someone will have benefited.

IN ALL THESE INSTANCES you can help instead of complain. And if there is a voice inside your head saying, "What about the return?" You can do several things to make this mutually beneficial for you as well.

IF PUBLICITY IS IMPORTANT to your business, you can easily arrange to have the media there as you turn over the seminar fees to the organization. Or if you do not charge for the event then you can still arrange for media coverage. You can have the group agree to write you a letter of recommendation in lieu of a training fee.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RETURN is that you will feel great and make a difference in the world.

NLP SKILLS ARE SO VALUABLE to teachers now more than ever. We have helped our school system and I have gone into classes and showed them some learning strategies and they love it! There is nothing more rewarding than to see a child jump out of his seat and yell, "I can spell" after the teachers pointed him out to me privately and said, "This one will never get it." The teachers will be less likely to just give up when they realize there are other ways.

SO DON'T SHAKE YOUR HEAD and complain. GET INVOLVED. Make sure you know what you are doing. Give what you are best at.

HINT: when working with the general public never be right, do offer choices and skills, not righteous opinions.

YOU'LL FEEL BETTER and it will help your business as well, people will remember you when they need services like yours.

HMMM, I JUST TOOK MY OWN ADVICE by writing this. If only one of you takes action and makes a difference, then I have, too! So it does not take much, just a little effort can go a long way.

With Persuasion Engineering® coming up, this is a great time to update your skills AND your attitude!

Make 2019 a year of action! May it be happy and prosperous for you all!

©2019 - Kathleen La Valle - all rights reserved in all media

Kathleen La Valle is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ & DHE® and takes care of the many things contributing to our success! Come to Orlando and meet her personally, as well as the entire La Valle® training team!

Kathleen also co-trains the NLP Practitioner Training and Master Practitioner Training in both Orlando and London.

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Put One Foot In Front Of The Other…

by James Seetoo

Some of the best lessons can be found in children’s entertainment, such as the famous Rankin Bass “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.” There’s a famous song that includes the lyric: “Put One Foot In Front of the Other…”
I’ve been working with a client who feels that his life is going backward. He’s cut off long standing relationships and is even afraid to call people, preferring to text them instead. Naturally this has hurt his business, as customers tend to want to speak to a person rather than receiving a text.

Of course, the first thing to do is take him through the process of getting into a good state so he can reconnect with himself and then to the rest of the world.

With this client, there’s a tendency to want to jump ahead and rather than go through the process of development, he wants the magic bullet and he thinks that just because he goes through a process once, for example changing his modal operators, that it’s the end of the change process rather than the beginning and he gets discouraged at what seems like a lack of progress. He continues to look at his goal and his distance from it rather than noticing the progress he’s made from where he started.

But one of the things I’ve found very useful in dealing with him is to very clearly show him that the skills he’s learning are building his capacity for change. As he learns from each step in the process I have him apply these skills in everyday life and gain confidence. The confidence acts as a feedback loop for him to not only apply his skills but to open himself up to greater interaction with the rest of the world.

When you work with a client from the standpoint of taking that person through an entire process, rather than a series of interventions you can strategically move from working symptomatically building states that will generalize into other areas of the client’s life.

And getting back to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” the stanza ends, “And soon you’ll be walking out the door.”

©2019 James Seetoo

James Seetoo is an NLP Trainer/NLP Coaching Trainer and the author of the Best Selling Book, "The 5 Keys To Hypnotic Selling". He recently completed a sales training for a company resulting in a $1M revenue increase for the company and is working on his second book. He is available for trainings and coaching.

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