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2. THE DRIVER - John G. Johnson
3. HALLUCINATING STILL? - Brian P. Struchtemeyer


John La Valle

I get so many questions regarding hypnosis, trance, business, persuasion, communication, influence, etc. and one of the most prominent questions seems to be around the scientific data that supports NLP.

So, first, let me get this one out of the way, again: THERE IS NONE.

Keep in mind that the reason to have scientific studies is to be able to predict with some degree of certainty, when something will succeed and when it will fail. The mere notion that NLP has taken the top off what used to be a misunderstood and not-so-useful field for helping people and taken the idea that just about anyone with a brain and the desire to learn can learn to use their own brain in a way that diminishes the need for *professional* help with many *problems* is more than enough to satisfy those who WANT RESULTS.

The fact that what Richard and John did was to codify what most other people missed and were able to take a new technology to the masses so they could learn to use their brains better is what makes NLP so very different from any other technology.

The fact that they took language and were able to connect it to behavior in such a way that makes it possible to learn to change easily defies scientific testing for the simple reason that we understand how very different each person is.

Subjective Experience is the operative phrase in the definition of NLP. Scientists keep wanting to take subjectivity and treat it objectively. And while we are all different in the same ways, the combinations of what's possible are infinite, so how would anyone design a scientific test, or tests, that could prove if it works or not?

Having said that, the most relevant idea about all this is that *hypnosis*, which has been around for a very long time, cannot even be truly defined, except to say it's exquisite communication. Most definitions are: "An artificially induced altered state of consciousness, characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to direction." (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition; Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.)

Based on this, don't we really use hypnosis in marketing? In sales? In every day situations? Especially when "altered" state means "To change or make different; modify", (same reference as above) This sort of clears it up, doesn't it?

When you think about what it is you want to convey, the point you want to get across to other people, along with the information you wish to impart, comes the means of lubrication you wish to use to ease things along. Ease things in such a way that you avoid abrasions and glide in and out of the ideas so smoothly that the intermingling alone creates new and exciting sensations of wonder and passion in the people involved. And the hotter the idea, the quicker the pulse and the tempo, or in some cases, the slower and more penetrating the language so that it permeates every cell of their body and their soul.

Getting messages through to others is like having your way in such a way that the others enjoy the experience as much, or even more than you. It's possible first if you believe it is, and second, if you know how, and third: do it.

Some people think it's necessary to learn to know how first in order to believe, but when you think about all of the things you've done before, even "forbidden" things, while you tried some of them with a certain degree of trepidation, you tried them, anyway, only to find the pleasures that were waiting, and then tried again, each time getting better and better and more skilled as the trepidation of *butterflies in your stomach* turned into deep curiosity with an new angle of excitement. You found different ways of doing it that had you and others experiencing even more enjoyment and more passion and even more technique that you could apply at other times and even more deeply.

Human beings are so versatile and by nature such fascinating learning machines that, when in the right state for learning, really learning, to enjoy the sensations of life itself, expressing thoughts of experiences, can absorb so much . . . more easily than they thought possible and thus learn to do more . . . elegantly . . . than the past may have allowed them . . . but the past is passed and can be replete without limitations because it's over . . . and what you do now . . . in the present determines your future so that in the future, you can have an outstanding past. . . so think about what titillates you now, what excites you beyond belief, what tickles you in just the right places that you tingle all over . . . what it is that would help satisfy your most inner desire exquisitely and completely in such a way that you can have it sooner than you thought possible because it's you who are in control of your destiny . . . you decide where you want to go . . . where to take it . . . and that's more exciting than any experience you've had because it opens everything up to what's possible . . . all ways . . .

It's not just the passion, the ecstasy, and the wisdom, it's in your own ability to experience life fully and take it in, lavish in it, bathe in it, immerse yourself in it in such a way that your experiences are indescribable and yet, fully always reaching yet further for the peak as it moves higher each time you've reached it, or so you thought. And since you know that more must be possible just by the quality and quantity of all you've already done, you know there must be more . . .

While you're thinking about whatever journey you want to take, think about how you can use your own ability to *trance for* an experience to someone else, perhaps a customer, a friend, a family member, just because you can see the possibilities more clearly. And think about how we have the most valuable opportunities right in front of us each and every day of our lives . . . to make a difference in whatever forum we choose and by having others imagine the possibilities . . . which are endless when you think about it, because we are all different and unique and yet in the same ways which makes it easy . . . the magic is in between the moments of time and the possibilities are always there in front of you . . . all you have to do is look . . . and there they are.

Science? Science cannot even defend itself when placebos have been tested more than any other drug, and are consistently successful. There must be a reason that science cannot define. There have been many wonderful discoveries and developments through science but how humans think just isn't one of them and as far as hypnosis goes, there's more beyond hypnosis than you can readily see or even hear. We have so much more to learn that I am excited about it more each and every day. Beliefs are just something else we've made up in order to understand, or perhaps to use as excuses at times, but nonetheless, the beliefs we've had have been of some use at some time, and are easily changed, or even put aside for a time just so you can experiment on your journey to wherever it is you're going.

So, what would you do if only YOU could?

©2019 John La Valle

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The Driver

by John G. Johnson

How many times have we seen this scenario in films: A character gathers his/her resources and single-mindedly chases a goal, claims it...only to discover the goal wasn't worth it, or it wasn't what they hoped it would be, etc. This is after they've spent extraordinary amounts of time, energy and resources striving for it. Sounds backwards, right? Well, movies aren't life; but they can imitate aspects of it, even teach us something about ourselves and nature.

People in the public eye who we think "have it all" surprise most of us when they self-destruct or abandon a coveted position or social role. What they've done compels most of us to naturally go in search of answers, starting with questions like, "Why? or How?" Or we make statements such as, "Look at all they had..." "...If I were them, I would never have done what they did!..." "They're stupid," etc. We make these kinds of judgments and form our opinions because we are using our filters, points, of views, and values to see their world as opposed to seeing the world the way they do. If you have a heart, and consider yourself a part of the human race, then you, too, are vulnerable to such reversal of desire. Not just movie characters or public figures. If you are a self-reflecting person abandoning something you once chased isn't bad. Because you can and do learn something about yourself that you can use to improve the quality of your life ("Live Long and Prosper"...[in mind body and spirit] as Mr. Spock would say, R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy)

Having goals do make for healthy living; they help to add meaning and purpose to our life... But can any goal do the aforementioned? Which one specifically? Sure we can chase anything and say we are adding substance to our life. But are you sure that what you are seeking to grasp will give you and your life satisfaction? If so, great. If you don't know... then that's something to look into. Goals exist to satisfy a"need"; a need that's been awakened, is excited and yearning to settle down. The clearer we are on what this need is, the better our chances are that we will choose the appropriate goal, with the added benefit that your resources will be utilized with precision. Take for example your standard action movie - Taken 1 - starring Liam Neeson. Antagonists have kidnapped the protagonist's daughter with the intent on selling her on the black market. The antagonists' actions have awakened a clearly defined need in the protagonist who then chooses the appropriate goal and will take the "necessary steps" to reach it so that his need - safety for his family - is satisfied.

Moving from the world of fiction into the real one, most of us know that billionaire Bill Gates left the company he founded to pursue philanthropic goals. What need could he be satisfying by taking this bold step? Each of us has needs that are personal. Being aware of them, as previously stated, will help us to choose the right goals that will satisfy them. If you are pursuing a goal the following questions will help you to become aware of your need. Also, pay attention to your experience and check to see if the pursuit of the goal will satisfy that particular need:

* What is this goal really about?
* What will reaching this goal do for me or give me?
* Why is this goal so important?
* Is the goal I'm' pursuing going to satisfy my need?

©2019John Johnson

John Johnson is a Licensed Trainer of NLP™ who currently does one on one coaching and also works with Martial Arts schools for their business success! He also assists us in Orlando sometimes and is fantastic with creativity!
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Hallucinating Still?

by Brian P. Struchtemeyer

I’d been in the pool throwing a ball around with my sons for several minutes. The tall, older gentleman was now moving closer to the edge of the pool still talking on his phone. However, he was now looking at me and my sons. His facial muscles were tightening and his other hand started gesturing, waving them away. No one else at the pool had so much as bat an eyelash at our fun. It was a resort pool, after all, and this was part of what kids are supposed to enjoy. In the water near the gentleman, there was a woman who appeared to be of similar age to him and occasionally she said something to him.

He’d been on the phone for some time. Before I’d joined my sons in the pool I had been relaxing in a lounge chair and, as fate would have it, he had been standing behind me talking on his phone. “So you’re still taking the blah-blah-o’cet?”

What does Dr. So-and-so have to say? I know she had been consulting on this issue. Okay. Does she still have you on the yada-yada-cillin?” As I had listened to him talking, I found myself thinking he needs to adjust his medical practice so other physicians can cover his vacation time.

As my older son caught the ball with a loud cheer, the man’s gestures rapidly increased speed, and the already visible muscle contractions in his face were accompanied with jolting shoulder and upper body movement. I called my sons over and directed them to a different part of the pool where I joined them and we continued to throw the ball around. My wife swam over and asked me what was going on. I told her I was pretty sure he was a doctor on the phone with a patient and, instead of staying back away from the pool where it was quiet, he had taken his conversation right up to the pool edge and was upset that our sons were whooping it up a bit. I told her I was a bit irritated by it all, but had moved the boys to a different part of the pool and life would go on. And so it did.

About a half an hour later as we left the pool I saw the same gentleman in a lounge chair and thought it best to calmly walk on by. Instead, he hopped up out of the lounge chair and, now with a smiling face, walked in a relaxed manner toward me.

He said with gratitude, “Sir! I wanted to thank you for having your sons move and I’m so sorry if it disturbed your family.”

“It’s quite alright. It sounded like you were helping a patient on the phone,” I replied.

“Actually no. I’m not a doctor. It was my brother who is in poor health.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well.”
He continued, “The issue was my wife in the pool. She is legally blind and although she was be able to see the ball your boys were throwing around, she wouldn’t be able to tell if it was moving toward her or away. Plus, she’s self-conscious enough about her vision that she didn’t want to say anything. As your sons moved toward her I was getting nervous that she might accidentally get hit.”

I was stunned. I had been one hundred percent wrong. “I’m so glad you waved us away. We would have all felt terrible if that had happened. Thank you for letting me know and I hope you and your wife enjoy the rest of your stay.”

At that point we both went our separate directions. As I was in the elevator returning to our suite, I took a moment to take inventory of my state and carefully reflect on the learnings of the moment. I had been hallucinating. Badly. Profoundly. Inaccurately.

The delightful news of the moment was that only good outcomes had been born of the event. My wife was happy (always a major plus). Our boys had enjoyed themselves in the pool and understood the gentleman had been helping someone (accurate if vastly different than what was described to them). The gentleman and his wife were well and enjoying themselves. And, I was now obligated to reappraise the extent to which I had not fully learned and internalized the important lesson regarding the dangers of hallucinating our thinking onto other people.

The greater danger still, it hit me, was that I had been hallucinating I had reasonably learned the lesson about avoiding hallucinating. Ugh... Referencing back to the meta-model, hallucinating qualifies as mind-reading. That is to say claiming knowledge without connection to specific supporting sensory
information. In this particular case I was doubly guilty as I “mindread” both the gentleman and also my own perceived skill level.

It’s been just over a year since that event took place and here are the steps I’ve found most effective in my effort to address the issue:
1. I’ve worked hard to deliberately insert the word “hallucinate” into my regular language. I had been thinking I actually knew something when I didn’t and deleting the awareness of that fallacy from the surface structure of my regular language. Inserting a reminder word isn’t exactly a string around my finger, but it is a mechanism that has helped discipline my thinking and regularly reminds me of the danger. Interestingly, it comes to my aid most often when I don’t hear myself use the word.

2. When I draw a conclusion on anything that is either important or has generated an unpleasant state, I ask the question, “What else might be true?” None of the answers I think of have to be accurate. That’s not the point. Simply having a list of realistic options instead of just the first one that seemed right
also serves to remind me to not read my own mind and instead consider collecting other sensory information.

I’ve tried some other things as well, but the above two have been the most effective. Will they guarantee I’ll be free from hallucinating? Absolutely not. What is guaranteed is that the boys and I now always ask people in the pool if it’s all right to throw a ball around.

©2019 Brian P. Struchtemeyer

Brian Struchtemeyer is the managing director of Grey Iris Holdings and a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn here

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